Community Building

We develop trust and positive rapport with each resident community served, from project inception to completion. We do this by:

  • Providing fluent Spanish translation and will arrange for translation for all other non-English speakers.
  • Coordinating and holding one-on-one meetings with tenants.
  • Providing documentation on all communication throughout entire implementation of the Relocation Plan.
  • Planning, coordinating and managing all community-wide meetings with tenants leading up to implementation of the Relocation Plan.


Types of Relocation

We research apartment listings and temporary off-site housing options to advise and refer tenants, according to their preferences. Based on project specifics, the following relocation services are provided:

  • Permanent off-site
  • Temporary on-site 
  • Temporary off-site 


Project Plan Implementation

  • Conducting tenant surveys and providing detailed outline of each community population served.
  • Coordinating tenant move-outs when redevelopment is set to begin, based on timeline of developer and construction teams.
  • Coordinating tenant move-ins as it pertains to relocating during and after renovation.
  • Serving as a liaison between tenants, developer, property management staff and moving company.
  • Researches and provides referrals for moving companies to partner on each individual relocation project. 
  • Works closely with property management staff to seamlessly transfer tenants onsite between apartments during the renovations and offsite when required by each individual project.
  • Follows all federal, state and local relocation guidelines and the specifics of each developer’s Relocation Plan.